"We hired Fran Kerr to do both residential and commercial work for us and were completely satisfied on both projects."


"On the residential project she painted as well as color consulted. On the commercial project, she provided color schemes only. She was also very helpful with selections on furnishings and finishes.


Fran has an extraordinary sense of color and a cultured sense of style. She can be outrageous or subtle, always achieving sublime results. She can turn what may seem like a hopeless space into a pleasurable one using a very simple approach.


One example in particular is our front porch and living room expansion. The original house had a full screened in porch. We decided to enlarge our living room by extending it out onto the porch. The expansion used 2/3 of the porch for interior and left a 1/3 as exterior. The porch space that was left then became a small fragmented space of glass windows, screened windows, painted wood siding and the wood stained entrance door. It also became an extension of the new living room space because all that separated the two was a glass wall of windows. It was very important to make this space pleasing to look at from within, Fran very simply chose two colors, one for the deck and another for the walls and trim. Suddenly the space looked complete and connected to the interior. The results were wonderful.


There is not a day I pass through the space that I do not give it a second glance to admire. Fran has an inexhaustible work ethic and her workmanship is impeccable. Never a trace of Fran after she leaves, only the wonderful colors to enjoy. She is a valuable find."


Larry and Kate Churtneski, Pennsylvania.




" Fran Kerr means color magic!"


"For my two old Italianate houses in Pennsylvania she has chosen interior and exterior colors that are delightful to live with and respectful of the antique structures.


The city house has a dual personality; hidden from the street, the back of the house and courtyard walls are planes of bright warm colors inspired by Tuscany, balanced with expanses of deep green and blue. The street view presents a serene combination of pale olive tan and pale pink trim, the porch ceiling a rich sunflower yellow, the doors deep plum. Inside are a variety of warm tints from cafe-au-lait to pale lilac.


The farm house has regained its distinctiveness with a dressing of palest peach and lilac on the exterior. Inside a mix of the subdued and the adventurous makes the most of the architectural elements, natural light and country views.


Fran plans color sequences with strength and sensitivity; qualities that also enliven her garden designs."


Annie Sanders, Pennsylvania.




" She created a home with an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation!"


"I hired Fran Kerr to paint my home in Ocean View, Delaware. It's a three bedroom two-and-a-half bath home of approximately 2000 square feet. I gave her carte blanche to do as she wished for color schemes.


To say the least I was amazed at the transformation of my home. She has created a home with an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. Everyone who has seen it is amazed at the difference.


I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone to do color consultation work. In my opinion she is very capable in what she does."


D.S., Delaware.




"Once again—a miracle!"


Just a quick note to thank you again for the color choices you made for my new condo. After I had used your skills for my little home at the lake—where you used deep, dramatic hues—I especially wanted your input in ways to highlight my collection of African art, to be the focal point of my new high-rise condo.


I had expected deep reds, oranges, rusts and such. Imagine my surprise when the colors you chose were so pale that on first glance it seemed that the walls were white. I decided to live with them, to see if I was comfortable with the color scheme. Once again—a miracle—the colors were perfect for the ambiance of the rooms and the condo as a whole. In fact, the colors were so perfect that my construction manager asked for your name and contact information so that he could refer others of his clients to you. Thanks again for a job more than well done.



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